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Kim Kardashian to Bank $1 Million Per Year?

We now have an update to the Kimkardashian-Kanyewest prenup.

A really successful upgrade for just one party concerned, we ought to say.

While preceding reports promised would receive money for squeezing out another infant, this one (via Radar On The Web) claims Kim will make cash only for saying wed to the rap artist.

Kim Kardashian kind of gets it on with Kanyewest in this music-video still.
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"The entire procedure for the pre nup for Kim and Kanye has been incredibly simple, and relatively play free," an insider claims. "Kanye did not even believe the couple wanted a pre nup, and was prepared to give Kim carte-blanche to all his monetary assets.

"Yes, he adores Kim that much."

Along with Kim's $1million "wages" to be a married woman, other so-called prenup provisions contain:

The title of the few's Bel-Air mansion will likely be in Kim's name.
All cash Kim K Star makes on her very own - via Maintaining The Kardashian's, her clothes collection and promotional looks - will be hers to keep.
Kim will stay the donee of Kanye's life assurance, even when they separate.
"The few is concentrated around the nuptials and anticipating to investing the remainder of the lives together. Kim understands this is eternally, and is head-over-heels in love with Kanye.

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